In-tree version of build switching from gyp to gn

Our in-tree version of the code is currently built using gyp.
Support for gyp was removed from upstream over a year ago and was replaced
with gn, requiring us to maintain our own copy of the gyp files in order to
do updates.

Chris Manchester worked on build system support for gn, which landed in Bug
1336429. Rather than requiring gn to build, gn is used to code generate which are then added to the tree and handled by the build system
as usual. Documentation for this process can be found at

Over in Bug 1393119, I have code generated versions of the files
for platforms supported by our CI. I plan to land these patches very soon,
pending final try runs. If you are running a platform that is not supported
by our CI, these changes may break your build. In this case, you'll need to
follow the instructions above to generate files for your
platform. Alternatively, I have checked that --disable-webrtc builds
continue to work with these changes.

If you have any questions about the build system changes and running gn,
please direct them to Chris Manchester. Questions about the
build configuration, e.g. or files under /media/webrtc,
should go to me.

Thank you,

Dan Minor
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