Cost of "duplicating" (or "worse") large parts of web-platform-tests

web-platform-tests has a nice feature which generates a bunch of
boilerplate for you for dedicated worker tests and tests that can be
run both in a window and a dedicated worker:

(Soon we'll also have it for just window tests, so you don't have to
copy-and-paste the HTML-specific bits of tests anymore.)

Now this `.any.js` convention might be extended to also generate tests
for shared and service workers.

We've had some requests to start using this for features that are
available in these various contexts. However, that does mean we'd up
to quadruple the number of tests (for Fetch, WebSocket, File API,
Encoding, HTTP cache, etc.).

Aside from letting you all know this feature exists and is awesome,
I'd also like to know if we should put any restraints on ourselves
when applying it.

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