Firefox & Thunderbird, Firefox builds available

Release candidate builds (rc2) for Firefox/Thunderbird and 
Firefox are now available here:

L10n builds for Firefox & Thunderbird and en-US 
Thunderbird builds are in progress but will be available later 

Last week we discovered a problem with RC1 builds that forced us to do a 
re-spin (bug 379738). We now plan on pushing RC2 builds to our "beta" 
users as early as Monday 5/14 or Tuesday 5/15 to get some community 
feedback. Final release is still scheduled for 5/22.

As always we appreciate your help testing these builds and sending us 

Several new forums for submitting and discussing feedback around release 
candidates and alphas have been created. You can read the feedback and 
participate in one of three ways:

a) Join the Mailing List - Use feedback-firefox-prerelease (and/or 
feedback-thunderbird-prerelease) @

b) Online News Reading - Use 

c) Dedicated news reader -  Subscribe to (and/or on
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