MDN Community Experiments: L10n priorities

Hello everybody,

As you might know, the MDN team is running some experiments
to see how to better engage our awesome community.

We've just completed to test if providing l10n priorities can help. It
appears that it as some positive effects. Even if they are small effects
that needs to be push harder it appears that our experiment is successful.

We advertise our priorities at the very beginning of December and looked at
what's happened during the month. December is a well known month for low
activities on MDN. Among the various indicators we have to measure that,
the global freshness of localized content on MDN tend to always decay
during that month (-1.4pt this year). Interestingly enough, the trend has
been, on average, reversed for our l10n priorities.

As expected this is only true for our most active communities as we
advertised our priorities through our traditional communication channels
(mailing lists, twitter, developer newsletter).

This tend to indicate that we should advertise more and more often about
our various priorities in order to keep our community focused and engaged.

For those who are curious, the detailed numbers can be found here:


More experiments will be performed in the next months so stay tuned. In the
meantime, feel free to ask any question you could have.

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