Question about locale code mappings for Focus (ar, pl, zh-CN, zh-TW)

Hi everyone,

I'm working on screenshots for Firefox Focus. I was able to import most of
the locales that are listed at:

Most locale codes that we use map directly to what options i have on iOS.
Except these:

ar - not sure what this maps to on iOS, there are many ar-XXX variants but
not just plain 'ar'. Could it be "Arabic World: ar-001" ?

pl: iOS only has pl-PL - is that correct? I can convert the code in a
script before import.

zh-CN and zh-TW: i have a lot of options here: zh-Hans, zh-Hant, zh,
zh-Hans-CN, zh-Hans-SG zh-Hant-TW

Please give me some hints.

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