Mobile projects: changes with deadlines in Pontoon

Hi everyone,

As I mentioned a few times on this mailing list, we recently just
moved to a 2 week release cycle for both Focus Android and iOS
releases. So as of now, it doesn't make much sense anymore to change
the deadlines each week in Pontoon.

You can see the schedules here (notice how both projects aren't synced
with one another at this point):
- Focus iOS:
- Focus Android:
(I'm trying to get a release schedule that we could sync with our
calendars - more to come about this soon)

For Firefox iOS: since v8 is over, and we don't have the v9 strings
yet, I will only put in the deadline in Pontoon once we get the v9
strings. This should happen some time next week.

Firefox for Android has - and should always - have an updated deadline
in Pontoon :)

Let me know if you have any questions at this point

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