Focus iOS: Strings for "Burgundy" are here

Hi everyone,

First of all, you probably wonder what "Burgundy" is. Mobile teams
have started renaming their version system for Focus - both iOS and

- Focus iOS:
- Focus Android:

Anyways, I've just exposed the new strings for "Burgundy". As you can
see, these strings arrive one week later than expected. Things are
still a bit bumpy on iOS side, but we expect them to get better over
the next releases (new people, change in teams, change to rapid
release cycle, etc).

- New strings: 7 new strings
- Deadline: August 16th (one day earlier than on the schedule, so I
can actually hand in the languages in time)

Strings are available on Pontoon[1].

I'm trying to get a timeline for screenshots, but TBH this is also on
the wacky side still, so I'll keep you posted.

thank you

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