Focus for Android: delaying v1 to extend feature list

Hello localizers!

I have some important news concerning Focus for Android: the v1 schedule is
being reconsidered as the mobile team has decided to create an even better
product for the initial launch.

The team is currently considering an extended list of features for v1 and
is in the midst of finalizing it this week, along with all the timelines.
So we'll have a new, concrete deadline next week.

This most surely means we'll get more strings in and more Play Store
content as well - the amount as well as the specific new features will be
shared asap of course. We'll have a clearly defined schedule for l10n as

While this affects and shifts l10n work it's really exciting to see that
the mobile team is expanding their scope of work for a v1 of Focus on
Android. Hopefully this will mean an even better experience and more impact
from the very start.

As always, if you're interested in trying out Focus for Android (or any
other mobile project as a matter of fact) and testing it, let me know and
I'll get you plugged in.

Stay tuned!

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Hello Delphine!

I would like to help with testing Focus for Android.

Is there apk version of Focus for Android to download, like there is for Firefox for Android?
4/20/2017 9:40:40 AM