[ANNOUNCE] Firefox 3.5.2, Firefox 3.6, and all that


I wanted to give you guys an update on what the project plan looks like:

The next release is Firefox 3.5.2. We're intending to use that milestone 
for the automatic major update, i.e., people will get this update offer 
without asking for it.

Thus, now is a good time to press your favorite buttons and get the 
feedback you got on 3.5 and 3.5.1 into the 1.9.1 tree and in 3.5.2. The 
timeline for 3.5.2 is an early August release. I don't have a tree 
closure date for you yet, so "the earlier, the merrier".

The next big thing is Firefox 3.6. That's roughly around the corner, and 
might very well end up to be a minor update to 3.5.

Firefox 3.6 is going to come off of mozilla-1.9.2, a branch yet to be 
cut. We're going to kick of an 3.6a1 (without l10n, I expect) with a 
code freeze of the 31st of this month. The final release is planned for 
mid to late fall, this year. The scope is not that much UI, but further 
performance and a solid foundation for fennec (which 1.9.1 is not going 
to become anymore, yea).

After the alpha, we're going to cut the 1.9.2, i.e., new repository 
clones. One for mozilla-central, and one for each l10n-central repo. So 
I suggest that you start to aggressively migrate your work on 1.9.1 over 
to l10n-central. If you need help, poke folks on #l10n. The fork is 
anticipated to happen in the first week of August.

The current status on central is rather diverse, so I don't have any 
wrapped up recipes for your migration path. Really, poke on #l10n, and 
we'll try to come up with something constructive.


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