Web parts: upcoming deadline for Snippets, update on Web Parts

quick update on Web parts, since the release date for Northern Spring 
Campaign is approaching fast.

iOS won't be released on June 2nd, we'll try to reuse as many strings as 
possible (if not all of them) from the existing work that it will happen.

*Snippets - 25 May*
A few locales (ja, pl, ru) still have a pending request for snippets. 
Some of them are about iOS, so they won't be used in this campaign, but 
it's important to have them on file for the future.

*Campaign - 2 Jun*
The campaign is spread across several files with small updates. The 
removal of iOS made priorities a bit more confused. If you need to pick 
some files to start from, in order of importance:

It will be displayed to all users on update.

Shared strings, some used in the firstrun page for 38.0.5

Hello screen sharing tile

Screen sharing feature

Let us know if you have any doubts or need help.

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