Translation & Localization


I would like to know areas where Mozilla is branching out for
Translation and Localization into Indian Languages, preferably Hindi
and Telugu. I am seeking areas for expansion in these two languages. I
request info on how we could contribute more in this areas as these
are large markets and continue to still grow..

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  Hi sl kb2010:

Mozilla's community leaders for Hindi and Telugu can be reached at the 
contact emails on these pages:

Feel free to contact them.  I have also copied Mozilla's India Community 
mailing list.

Warm regards,


sl kb2010 wrote:
> Hi..
> I would like to know areas where Mozilla is branching out for
> Translation and Localization into Indian Languages, preferably Hindi
> and Telugu. I am seeking areas for expansion in these two languages. I
> request info on how we could contribute more in this areas as these
> are large markets and continue to still grow..
> Thanks
> -S
> _______________________________________________
> dev-l10n-web mailing list
8/6/2010 6:29:54 PM

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