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Evan WIlliams thoughts about what online identity means

So, identity is an important concept. But I've always found it a 
confusing one. I think that's because it's ambiguous in most discussions 
what "identity" means.

A while back, Twitter's CTO, Greg Pass, and I created a framework I've 
found useful for thinking about all this. We reckoned there there are 
five different things people mean in different contexts when talking 
about identity and the Internet. (There are probably more, but these are 
key.) Each of these are offered as features of different services. 
Sometimes they are combined, sometimes they're not. And sometimes 
companies outsource these features to other services. With these pieces 
in mind, you can look at different companies, services, and protocols 
and realize which pieces of the identity puzzle they offer (or perhaps 


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I think Ev�s post is a really good start to answering the question why 
would one would want to identify a user in an application or website. 
Specifically, what does a user get from being asked to log-in or 
register to your application or website? Secondarily, it also provides 
the framework for deciding if or when you should use your own identity 
system or should leverage someone else�s such as Facebook Connect.

Ev misuses the term authentication in his post which is a little 
confusing since he seems to do it knowingly.

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Yeah good reading. Also this followup by Kevin Marks:
4/12/2011 9:35:55 AM

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how to get more then one identity with @@identity
i have few tables and in one of them i need to insert the PK of sometable1 as FK to sometable3 and the PK of sometable2 as Fk to sometable3 how can i get both last identities of sometable1 and sometable2?Sincerely, roy You could use IDENT_CURRENT. That will retrieve the current identity for a specific table. SELECT IDENT_CURRENT('sometable1') AS SomeTable1Id You can learn more about IDENT_CURRENT here:,       Kevin JonesMy Blog i gi guess i post it to early because i study it in ...

Changing from Non-IDENTITY to IDENTITY
hi, i am using sql server express edition. i have a table , and i have set one of the column  as int identity(1,1) i have uploaded the data from excel file using import export wizard i have removed the identity from that column. now how can i change that column back to identity(1,1) thanks s per my knowledge, I think its not possible to add identtiy property to a column later   Csharp22:i have uploaded the data from excel file using import export wizard i have removed the identity from that column.when uploading data from excel, instead of removing identity f...

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What to use Identity Audit or Identity Reporting IDM4?
Hello I'm really little bit confused what to use for Identity Auditing and Reporting with Novell Identity Manager 4.0.1.. Shall I use Identity Reporting Modules that comes with the IDM 4.0.1 or the Novell Identity Audit 1.0 ???? Both have the sentinel components and reporting features and architecture and requirenements, but which of them to use and when? and Licenses and future for both of them products etc? Please anyone? Regards M. -- love anything that talks binary! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ >...

scenario: server side: ms sql server 6.5 with table emp( emp_id int IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, name varchar(40) NULL, deptno int NULL) client side: PowerBuilder 6.5 with datawindow emp_dw(quick select * from emp) Now,I can insert a row to table emp with method emp_dw.update() without care about emp_id,because it's an IDENTITY column of table emp in ms sql server 6.5 database. my question is how can I insert a row to table emp using method emp_dw.update() with server side being oracle 8.0.5. if I need to do anything to care about emp_id's value?(I t...

In SQL2000 I want to remove identity property of a column. How can i do this by a sql statement? Thank you Add a new column, copy the values from the identity column to the new column, drop the identity column, then rename the new column name to the identity column name. -- Simon Caldwell Get Real Systems Ltd Holtby Manor, Stamford Bridge Road, York, YO19 5LL Tel +44 (0)1904 481999 Fax +44 (0)1904 481666 Visit us at Procurement Control Specialists Controlling corporate spend and streamlining procurement processes "Mihrap" <p...

  Can someone help me?  I am looking to pull the most recent entry from tblTransID, which consists of an autonumber.  I am not having success doing this.  Is there something I must add, or take away?  Please comment, and thank you in advance for the help.Code:                      public Function MyQueryMethod2() As System.Data.DataSet                     ...

Is it possible to replicate 2 database that contain table with identity column as the primary key ? TIA Steven "Steven" <> wrote in news:#5CdbvCMDHA.279@forums-2-dub: > Is it possible to replicate 2 database that contain table with identity > column as the primary key ? No, I dont believe that is possible. You can using MobiLink against an ASE consolidated, and an ASA/UL remote, but not for SQL Remote. -- David Fishburn NEW - Certified ASA Developer Version 8 Sybase - iAnywhere Solutions Professional Services Please only po...

I have a table with an identity key (numeric), sometimes I have a big gap in the sequence, this happens only if I delete rows in the top of the sequence, so sometimes I have problem with overflow. I can't understand the reason of this big gap. Help me Check out the following for background info on this issue: HTH, Rob -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Rob Verschoor Certified Sybase ASE 11.5 Administrator (Professional) Certified DBA/Performance & Tuning Specialist for Sybase S...

I have a column defined as row_id numeric(4,0) identiity SqlServer generates 1,2, etc for the vaules for row_id. But how do I get it 0001,0002,0003 etc. Thank you See for a technique for zero-padding output. -bret sateesh wrote: > I have a column defined as > row_id numeric(4,0) identiity > SqlServer generates 1,2, etc for the vaules for row_id. > But how do I get it 0001,0002,0003 etc. > > Thank you ...

I am running IIS 6.0, on a Windows 2003 SP1 box.  I am using HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name to retrieve the users identity.  Recently, something changed on the the IIS server, some configuration.  But I can't figure out what.  Now the Name that is returned seems to be the IIS service name.  Not the name.  What do I reset, or change, to get the users NTLM name back.  I have anoymous turned off, and Windows authentication turned on.  The app didn't change, nor did the web.config.  It is something that got changed in the conf...

I'd like some method to be able to select @@identity from individual tables. The @@identity global variable is session specific, but only returns the identity column of the last table accessed. The problem is if the table you want @@identity from has an insert trigger that inserts into another table with @@identity. The value in @@identity after the entire insert is that from the second table, not the table where the original insert went. So, something like: "select @@identity from table_name" would prove to be most useful. Then again, a lost of the reasons for needi...

How to find out the next IDENTITY value for an identity column?
Hi, For an identity column, is there any command to find out what the next value will be? Jeff If you do an insert into the table and then select @@identity, you will know that the next row inserted will have that value +1 [unless there is an abrupt shutdown between then and when the next insert happens] but you have no control over whether your connection will be the one to do that insert or some other one- unless you have the table locked. So the answer is effectively "No". -bret Jeff wrote: > Hi, > > For an identity column, is there any ...

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