, '', 'dialog') is phishing fodder and spoofable itself, what's the UX plan?

In the context of the email app's OAuth2 flow on dev-webapi the issue of 
the phishing risk of doing OAuth2 dances was 
And it's a very good point, because even as an expert developer, using 
the v2.1 UI, I have no idea how to tell if I'm getting phished or not 
from within our apps.


- The UI as triggered with the 'dialog' has a title-ish bar 
across the top.  It has an 'x' and the document.title.  (The title is 
initially the URL, but it is replaced with the title almost 
immediately.)  Tapping on the document.title does nothing.  Which is 
probably fine since this whole UI resides inside space controlled by the 
email app, so it's not like a rogue app couldn't spoof that itself.

- The task switcher ends up showing the screenshot of the'ed 
webpage without that title-bar thing.  The app name is still associated 
with the app.  Which is arguably good, except the email app really is 
opening a legitimate Google page and the user has no way to actually 
verify that.

I understand this is a very tricky problem space and that maybe our 
plans call for Haida to resolve this.  I'd love if there's a specific 
URL I could go to to find out our comprehensive strategy for providing 
affordances for user's to tell who/what is in control of the UI and 
setting user expectations to be aware of that (like the lock icon on 
normal Firefox).  I linked to some info on attack-defense trees in a 
dev-b2g post last night 
that might be interesting if we don't already have a formalism for 
dealing with user expectations/phishing/etc.

Given that we have the single-tap-to-rocketbar idiom that can't be 
escaped except by full-screen, can we include a URL bar / app indicator 
at the top of the screen when it is triggered and the user is in an app 
context where a chrome-controlled URL bar is not already present?  When 
the screen is displaying the email app's window (including things 
spoofed by the email app), it could say "E-mail" app.  When we've got a'ed dialog, it could say "Pop-up: [lock icon]".

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