How to ask for phones (was [b2g] Interest in deploying alpha B2G phones to a group of 10 to 20 Portuguese speaking Mozillians?)


I was going to search how to ask a phone for development and dog
fooding soon, but I'd like to send my apps to the Marketplace first,
before even searching for how to ask. But as I saw this thread, I
thought that maybe I could (should?) at least ask how I can ask one.

I'm from Mozilla Brazilian community. I've given several talks on
Firefox OS, Marketplace, WebAPIs, ... this year, including major
events like Latinoware, and I'm developing some demo apps. I also
(can) write for two blogs here in Brazil on mobility (one of the major
ones,, and a minor but with high reputation for great
content, I was recently accepted to become a ReMo.
And I have installed Firefox OS on my Nexus S several times, but I
also need it to develop my pay-the-bills apps, that are now focused on
Android (because clients need them for Android; they're all ready for
Firefox OS :D), so I can't consistently test and use Firefox OS daily.
And I'm willing to do that for several months now.

It would be really awesome to have a phone exclusively for Firefox OS
testing and development, and I'm confident I can score at least some
points on the developer, early adopter and media scales.

All that said, could you help me find the right person to ask a phone
for? And, more important than the previous, if you think I'm not doing
enough, what could I do more to get to enough?

Ricardo Panaggio

On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 5:07 PM, Christie Koehler <> wrote:
> FYI I've already reserved a handful of phones for localizers out of the
> early adopter phones we'll receive in mid-January. I'll need to know soon if
> we want to increase that allotment.
> On 12/05/2012 11:01 AM, Stormy Peters wrote:
>> Adding Christie Koehler.
>> On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 11:31 AM, Alex Keybl <
>> <>> wrote:
>>     Including Stas as he is leading the l10n effort and knows our plans
>>     for l10n testing (and whether more is necessary), and Stormy as
>>     she's helping to coordinate external phone distribution.
>>     -Alex
>>     On Dec 4, 2012, at 10:02 AM, Daniel Einspanjer
>>     < <>> wrote:
>>      > B2G folks,  (resending because I used
>>     <> for the dev- lists by accident)
>>      >
>>      > I mentioned this to Lucas Blakk on IRC and he suggested I bring
>>     it up via e-mail to these addresses.  Please forgive me if the
>>     audience is too large or inappropriate.
>>      >
>>      >
>>      > The Mozilla Metrics team has contracted with the Portuguese
>>     company Webdetails since 2008.  We currently have about five people
>>     in their team that interact with Mozilla stuff on a daily basis and
>>     five more that occasionally do stuff with us.  They have almost ten
>>     other people who work for them but haven't interacted much with
>>     Mozilla although pretty much everyone (i.e. somewhere around twenty
>>     people) there is a big fan. :)
>>      >
>>      > I figured this may be interesting to the B2G group because they
>>     all speak Portuguese as their primary language but all speak English
>>     very well too.  At least one of them actually lives in Brazil.
>>      >
>>      > So I was wondering if the B2G guys might like to set them up with
>>     a bunch of phones to get extra testing with native Portuguese
>>     speakers and such..
>>      >
>>      > I believe there are a couple of people there who are phone nerds
>>     so they have some experience with flashing Android and such already,
>>     which should make the nasty bits of having an alpha B2G phone more
>>     bearable.
>>      >
>>      > If it would be useful to the B2G team, I believe most of them
>>     would be happy to be assigned phones to use as their primary
>>     devices. We'd just need to make sure both parties have an
>>     understanding of what provider cost would be reimbursable or not.
>>      >
>>      > Pedro Alves is the owner of Webdetails.  Please feel free to
>>     reply directly to him if you have questions or a decision on whether
>>     this would be beneficial to the B2G team.
>>      >
>>      > -Daniel
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