Can we improve emulator testing? (Was: Running on-device tests in CI)

On Jun 3, 2014 2:25 PM, "Jonathan Griffin" <> wrote:
> There have been a couple of threads related to test automation in B2G, asking why we haven't caught some especially egregious regressions; the kind that basically "break the phone".

It's great to hear that we are making progress on on-device testing.
Testing on device is always going to be needed and desired as
ultimately, having FirefoxOS working on device is what matters to

However I'm curious why emulator testing didn't catch these recent
regressions? Did we simply not run the right tests on emulator, or did
these regressions not happen on emulator for some reason?

If the former, what can we do to increase our test coverage on emulator?

If the latter, does anyone know why emulator and on-device was
different here? Can we do anything to make emulator behave more like

/ Jonas
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