Cross compiling for Solaris SPARC on Ubuntu

I managed to build native Firefox in Ubuntu 19.10 by following the directio=
ns here:

Now, also in Ubuntu I'd like to cross compile Firefox for Solaris (either 1=
0 or 11) SPARC.  But the only information I've been able to find is this: h=

But that contains the disclaimer that "If you have to ask "where do I get..=
.. or why doesn't 'X' work", then this isn't for you."  So I guess it isn't =
for me.  It seems like it should be possible according to the post: https:/=

"For Solaris, it should still be possible to cross-compile Firefox to SPARC=
 from x86."

And Oracle is sending out FF 68 in their Solaris 11.4 updates, so it should=
 indeed be possible.  The question is, how?  Can anyone give me some pointe=
rs on how to do this, more along the lines of the first link above rather t=
han the second?  It would be nice if I could just say "./mach build --targe=
t=3Dsolaris-sparc" but something tells me that's not how it works.  Thanks!

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