Proposal to change B2G branch names in gecko.git to include "b2g"

Hi, everyone.

I'd like to ask the group if anyone has an objection to naming our b2g
branches something like "b2g-vX_Y_Z" in gecko.git [1].  I think the
simplest thing to do is probably to copy the name from the hg
repository, but I don't feel strongly about the specifics, so long as
the name has "b2g" in it.

Right now, the b2g relbranches are being named "vX_Y_Z".  I am
strongly opposed to this: The repository is called "gecko.git", so I
don't think it makes sense to have a "v1_0_0" branch which does not
correspond to Gecko v1.0.0.  Similarly, we have a "gecko-18" branch in
gecko.git which is actually the b2g18 branch.  If we have another
b2g-X branch in the future, I think it should be called "b2g-X", not

I understand we probably cannot change the existing branch names, but
in the future, I would like us to name our branches according to this
scheme, unless anyone has objections.  Ehsan has been giving his git
branches names which correspond to the hg branches, and that has
worked well, as far as I can tell.

John and/or Hal, can you please confirm that you received this message
and will follow this scheme in the future?  Thanks.


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