Gaia testing for devs

Hey all,

To make life a bit easier, we've added a 'make marionette' command to 
the gaia repository. This will run the gaia marionette tests for you. By 
default, it assumes a b2g instance is running and will run tests against 
that instance, but you can also have this command run a b2g instance for 
you, and test against that. For more information, please read:

For this to work, you'll need to have a marionette-enabled build of B2G 
or B2G Desktop. Please follow the instructions here: on how to get that 
going. By default, all B2G builds have marionette enabled, but this is 
not true for B2G Desktop builds.

Hopefully, this will help you get into the habit of running these gaia 
unit tests as part of your development. Please let us know if you're 
having trouble or if you have any comments! Thanks!
- Malini Das
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