Default web-apps, replacing, settings

Hello all -
   Just thinking about web apps and replacing built-in/default apps.  
Thinking about replacing the contacts app (for example).  This means 
that the user can somehow remove the default contacts app from the home 
screen (how?  dwell on it with a touch and a pop-up appears with the 
option to remove it?)  when they install a new contacts app.  Then the 
user goes and removes the new contacts app.  How do they get the 
original back?  One thought is that the webapp manifest contains a list 
of capabilities the app provides.  Then when an app is removed, if it is 
the last providing the capability, the default one is re-added 
   On a similar theme, how is the home screen replaced?  And if it is, 
now does the original come back if desired?
   Finally, I'm thinking the settings app should be a specialized 
launcher, like the home screen and that each of the settings be its own 
webapp.  This has several advantages such as allowing for new settings 
to be added or replaced without having to re-implement everything.  It 
also allows each setting app to have its own set of permissions (see 
permissions discussions recently).  Otherwise the settings app will 
basically have to have permission for everything.
-Jim Straus
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