Browser API reference: how can we keep it up to date?

Until recently, the Browser API had only one consumer (Gaia) and one
implementation (Gecko).

Now we have a new consumer (browser.html) and a new implementation on
its way (Servo).

The Browser API has no reference (MDN page is not up to date, and the
WebIDL only list methods, leaving out all the events), so I dug into
the implementation, and collected all the information I could find
about the methods, events and behavior of the Browser API in a single
(please help me review it, I haven=E2=80=99t verified everything, and there=
still some FIXMEs)

Having a central reference would help keeping in sync the 2
implementations and make documenting the API easier. We also want to
suggest some changes to the API, and having such a reference will help
a lot while discussing these changes.

My question is: how can we keep this reference up to date? Maybe we
could add this document to m-c, and ask reviewers to require the
document to be updated? Or maybe add the comments to the WebIDL and
somehow include the list of authorized events with a definition of
their `details` property into the WebIDL?

-- Paul
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