Will pay you to port my TB extensions to WebExtensions

I am currently maintaining ten TB extensions. I don't
want to screw over the users of my extensions by
letting them die with TB60, but at the same time, I
don't want to spend the time or energy dealing with
porting them to the new world of WebExtensions.

So, here's the deal: I've netted (after PayPal fees)
at least $1,000 in donations for my extensions in each
of the past seven years:

2012 $2,022
2013 $1,226
2014 $1,762
2015 $1,637
2016 $1,661
2017 $1,743
2018 $2,217

(Note that there was one ridiculously large $485
donation in 2018 for reasons I will never understand,
so it's an outlier and you should assume that the level
of donations from 2017 is much more likely to be
typical moving forward than the level from 2018.)

Of course, I am grateful for the donations and
appreciate the extra cash in my pocket, but right now,
I care far more about my time than about the money.

Therefore, if there is someone out there who is willing
to do the work to migrate my extensions to
WebExtensions, I will in exchange give you 100% of the
net donations in the year after each extension is fully
migrated -- either we can change the donation link to
point to whatever donation platform you want to use, or
we can leave it as-is and I'll pass on whatever
donations I get to you every month or something -- and
then at least 50% of the net donations for the next
five years after that.

I say "at least" because if/when I decide I'd rather
just stop maintaining the extensions completely --
during that six years or at any point afterward -- I'll
turn over the reins to you (if you want them) and
you'll get 100% of the net donations from that point

This offer applies to Enhanced Priority Display, Folder
Pane View Switcher, IMAP Received Date,  Remote Content
By Folder, Reply to Multiple Messages, Send Later, Show
All Body Parts, ToggleReplied, and Undigestify.

This offer doesn't apply to Keyconfig, because I didn't
write it and it has another maintainer besides me and
all I've really done with it is minor changes to keep
it working up to TB60, so I don't think I've any right
to commit to sharing donations for it. If you're
interested in migrating Keyconfig, then I will talk to
the other maintainer and see if he's willing to add a
donation link and let donations go to you in exchange.
Note that there is potentially a much larger market for
Keyconfig because it used to work in both Firefox and
Thunderbird so if you can implement a WebExtension
version that works in both you'll probably make a lot
of people very happy.

If you don't want to migrate all of my extensions to
WebExtensions, then I will gladly extend a subset of
this offer to whichever extension(s) you want to
migrate. Send Later is by far the most popular, with
72,081 "active users" according to the extensions
management page, so it's the most important one to
migrate and the one that gets the most donations. It's
also got by far the most code, nearly 8,000 lines even
ignoring all the locale files. After that, in
decreasing order by popularity: Folder Pane View
Switcher (8,449 users), Show All Body Parts (7,723),
IMAP Received Date (2,483), Enhanced Priority Display
(1,159), Reply to Multiple Messages (599),
ToggleReplied (280), Undigestify (94), and Remote
Content By Folder (70). (Keyconfig has 5,156 active TB
2/11/2019 3:16:39 PM
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