Suggestions regarding version naming for WebExt and XUL dictionary add-ons


I contribute to Spanish-Spain dictionary add-on, for which I should
upload new versions for the first time since Thunderbird switched to
WebExt format.

Keeping alive the old (XUL?) format of the add-on is a must for me,
since I'm a SeaMonkey user. In the previous version, I released a
WebExt version for Firefox in Firefox add-ons site, and an old format
version for TB & SM in Thunderbird add-ons site, both sharing the same
version number.

I've read
and I guess I've got it right, but I'd like to share my plan and
confirm it before going live.

So, given that previous version was 2.4 and we should release 2.5 now,
my plan is to release 2.5 for SM and move to 102.5 for FX & TB68+. I
know that adding 100 sounds like a lot, but I think it is safer to
give me room for next versions (the version naming comes from a
project that releases also and mainly for LibreOffice & OpenOffice).

Do you see any problem in this plan?


Proyecto NAVE (Mozilla es-ES Localization Team)
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