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      I do get valid certificates from the lawyer.<br>
      For one of the certificates the signature is not validated!<br>
      The certificates seem to differ only in the way the DN is formed.<br>
      Here are the DN listed (data replaced). DN 1. is valid whereas<br>
      DN 2. is invalid. The DN is given exactly like stored in X.509
      As one can see, DN 2. has a different sequence of attributes and
      the serialNumber is<br>
      given in the country attribute.<br>
      1. CN=Trampel Tier, SN=Tier/serialNumber=00000000012765678943,
      C=DE, <a class="moz-txt-link-abbreviated"
      2. C=DE/serialNumber=00000000048672583851, CN=Christa Miller,
      SN=Miller, <a class="moz-txt-link-abbreviated"
      Could this difference be the reason for not validating the
      certificate and signature?<br>
      TB always prints that signature could not be validated because of
      an unknown reason. :-(<br>
      Of course, I have checked all other parameters, like having
      correct CA and certificate chain is correctly<br>
      displayed, etc. Everything looks the same to cert 1. but just
      being not verified.<br>
      Thanks a lot and cheers,<br>
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