ReferenceError: ChromeUtils is not defined

Hi There, 

I am working on developing plugin which supports thunderbird 68 + versions with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I am not using XUL or I do not have plan to use it. 

I tried to use ChromeUtils in my javascript file but thunderbird error console shows error. It gives below error 

ReferenceError: ChromeUtils is not defined.

My questions are, 

1)Does ChromeUtils not supported on thunderbird 68+ version ? 
2)Is there any alternative way to use it ? I am not using XUL anyways. 
3)With thunderbird 68+, is it possible to use JSM file like ChromeUtils.import("resource://gre/modules/ctypes.jsm");

Any help would be apricated. 

Just fyi, from the one of stackoverflow links it looks ChromeUtils  is no longer supported with thunderbird 68+ version but I am not sure about it. So just posted the question here if anyone is aware of it. 

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