Modification of message display pane

I'm trying to develop an internal Thunderbird add-on that displays a toolba=
r above each message. So when a client sends us an email we can see what ac=
count they are with and click a button to view their account in the browser=
.. The original extension was based off of this "domain age checker" add-on =
in order to obtain message information and then inside overlay-warn.js I us=
ed `document.getElementById("singlemessage")` to start manipulating the DOM=
 and inserted my green message status bar:

However, this was unreliable in Thunderbird v60 and doesn't appear to work =
at all in the beta version or v69 Daily.

Obviously, this was a hack. So I'm trying to figure out how to do this corr=
ectly (or at all lol) in the new versions? I'm looking at these docs but I'=
m not seeing any way to obtain a reference to the current message being vie=

I'm also not seeing any clear way to do overlays like this in the new versi=
on of Thunderbird.

Anybody know what to do here? I'm pretty new at Thunderbird extensions so I=
 need some help here. ( was a great resou=
rce so far. I was able to get a toolbar widget going for configuration opti=


-- Chris
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