Print from SeaMonkey on Linux doesn't recognize duplex support for my printer

Note: This was originally posed to, but it was
suggested that I ask here as well.

I'm running SeaMonkey 1.1.4 on Linux (CentOS 4.5, equivalent to RHEL 4.5) and
have an HP LaserJet 4si printer accessed via TCP/IP. I'm using the CUPS printing
drivers (cups version 1.1.22, which is the most current for this OS).

When I print to this printer using Adobe Acrobat Reader or Gnome Edit (the only
other client applications I've tried), I am able to specify that the print job
should use the printer's Duplex mode.

However, when I print from SeaMonkey, I'm not given the option to select
Duplex mode.

I've downloaded and installed the most current PPD driver from here:


I selected the postscript driver, which was recommended:


However, this made no difference.

I've looked at the contents of the driver file, and it appears to have the
Duplex option enabled.

I've gone through the CUPS documentation, and I seem to have the printer
installed and configured correctly - and as I said above, it works
properly when accessed from Acrobat or Gnome Edit.

When I run lpoptions on the printer, I see all the available options, of
which Duplex is listed (the asterisk means that None is the default):

$ lpoptions -p hp4si -l
Smoothing/Resolution Enhancement: *True False
Duplex/Duplex (Print Both Sides): *None DuplexNoTumble DuplexTumble
ManualFeed/Manual Feed: True False

Is there anything I can do to get SeaMonkey to recognize that the printer
supports duplex mode?

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Mark Hansen wrote:
> Is there anything I can do to get SeaMonkey to recognize that the printer
> supports duplex mode?

At this point, no.  You can edit the commandline we use to print (Print 
Properties -> Print Command) and pass a option that enables duplex 
printing (if such a thing exists).  Beyond that, we'd need to extend the 
current cups support to understand duplex (something like bug 324060) or 
use the gnome dialog (bug 193001).

Andrew Schultz

8/31/2007 3:25:41 AM