GreaseMonkey with 2.53.x?

Is there anyone using GreaseMonkey (or similar) with 2.53.x?

The SeaMonkey "port" was last updated 3 years ago:

But it was working nicely with 2.49.x.  With 2.53.1, I see errors like 
this (perhaps not a complete list):

1) Trying to see list of installed scripts in about:addons

Error: 1583818960228	addons.manager	ERROR	Exception calling provider 
<unnamed-provider>.getAddonsByTypes: TypeError: 
Services.locale.getLocaleComponentForUserAgent is not a function 
JS Stack trace: preferredLocale<@getPreferredLocale.js:10:12 < 
@getPreferredLocale.js:6:24 < getBestLocalization@script.js:148:1 < 
Script_getLocalizedDescription@script.js:156:20 < 
ScriptAddon@addons4.js:98:3 < 
ScriptAddonFactoryByScript@addons4.js:74:28 < 
AddonProvider_getAddonsByTypes/<@addons4.js:50:27 < 
AddonProvider_getAddonsByTypes@addons4.js:49:7 < 
callProviderAsync@AddonManager.jsm:285:12 < 
promiseCallProvider/<@AddonManager.jsm:309:53 < 
promiseCallProvider@AddonManager.jsm:308:10 < 
Source File: resource://gre/modules/Log.jsm
Line: 750

2) When it should show scripts enabled for the current page:

Error: TypeError: Services.locale.getLocaleComponentForUserAgent is not 
a function
Source File: 
Line: 10

Perhaps most importantly: it's obvious that the user scripts aren't 
being run at all.  I tried installing the latest GreaseMonkey (4.9), but 
as expected, it didn't work at all (WebExtension support required, no 
doubt).  I'm happy to use some alternative like TamperMonkey, if there 
is a version that works with current SeaMonkey?
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On 3/9/20 10:50 PM, Steve Wendt wrote:

> Is there anyone using GreaseMonkey (or similar) with 2.53.x?
> The SeaMonkey "port" was last updated 3 years ago:

I'm not sure what was modified in the "port", but I'm happy to report 

1) Digging around for the error messages I saw, I found the issue had 
been fixed in GreaseMonkey 3.11:

2) You can't find any non-WebExt versions on, but 
fortunately GitHub has old release snapshots:

3) The zip doesn't give you an XPI, but does have an easy build script 
for generating them.  You just need to use "./ official" to get 
the version number in there, rather than a current timestamp.

4) The generated XPI doesn't install in SeaMonkey, but after running it 
through addonconverter, it happily does:

So I now have GreaseMonkey 3.17 installed, and everything seems to be 
working fine!  I don't know how long the addonconverter site keeps files 
around, but this is the one it generated for me:

3/10/2020 6:18:10 AM