Brasilian Mozillians: Are you in the Mozillians Phonebook?

Hey folks:  How is everyone doing?  Thanks for all the hard work you've all
been doing - lots of great reports coming back from Brasil!

I have a request that I hope you can all complete by Monday:

* Are you a vouched Mozillian on the phonebook yet?
-- If not, please create a profile with a picture + share with me so I can
vouch for you.
-- If you're still waiting to be vouched, please let me know.

* Is your profile up-to-date?
-- Can you please update your bio and share what you do for Mozilla? Please
add a picture if you don't have one!

* Please tag your profile with "Brasil" or "Brazil" if you haven't already.

* Do you know of any Mozillians [paid staff, contractors, volunteers] who
are Brasilian and either don't have a profile nor have Brasil/Brazil tagged?
[Note:  If you're wondering who should be in the phone book it's all
active/core contributors.  See here for definitions on those:]

We're going to need your profiles updated so that we can communicate
efficiently around updates on Telefonica, Firefox OS, etc. - this is
critical :)

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
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