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In order to better control spam posts, Steve requires that all
posters to use a "CECIL-ID" logon and passphrase.
If you only wish to read posts ("lurk"), and not reply or send
your own posts, then no action is needed on your part.

Instructions for creating your own unique CECIL-ID can be found at:

If you are not using OE as your newsreader and would like more
specific instructions for other newsreaders, use these links:


Steve has added ports 110, 563, and 11911 as alternate
connection ports for the news server. These ports can be
used if your Internet access point blocks news server
access via the default port 119. Note that port 563 is
NOT SSL enabled on the news server.

GRC Newsgroups/Guidelines/No Regrets (updated)

This page is Milly's unofficial update of Steve's original GRC first
and second generation "No Regrets" page, with updated extracts of the
Discussions and Quick Reference pages. It is intended only as a service
to GRC newsgroup users until Steve has the time to update the


GRC Groups - list and description of all the groups.

Posting Guidelines - and  reasons for rejections by the GRC server.

No Regrets - secure post self-cancellation system.

Your IP address - and why is it in the "X-Original-Reader:" header.

Though Steve's newsgroup discussion and FAQ pages may be a bit out
of date, they do contain much useful and relevant information.
Please review them for an overview of Steve's philosophy for the
GRC newsgroups...

Also read the Disclaimer and FAQ at...

And for newsreader setup information... (Outlook Express) (Netscape/Mozilla)

(Ignore references to the now non-existent "ten-forward" group)

And for all the rest of Steve's "stuff"...

Posting Notes:

If you want your IP address, that's normally masked when posting
to, to display for testing purposes in the grc.test
group only, use "showmyip" exactly as written without the quotes,
as the first "word" in the subject line.

There's an unofficial IRC chatroom, "#GRC", on

Keep your posting email address away from spammers!

Here's how:

"Is, or, down? Or is it just my connection..."

Try this little instant check link:

To set up a filter for the "Guidelines" posts in your email client, the
subject line, as well as the "From:" address, always remain the same.
To filter only until a significant change in the posts is made, just use
The version number will increment, allowing the updated post through
the filter.

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