Problem the IP address showing is NOT my IP address I am at.
is someone else's IP address, not my IP address (12.98.80.XXX a Dynamic IP address range)
when I test my ports with the NanoProbe system.
4/3/2003 9:17:00 PM
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In message <b6i8f8$tp1$>, abcministoragellc 
<> kicked in with
>is someone else's IP address, not my IP address (12.98.80.XXX a Dynamic 
>IP address range)
>when I test my ports with the NanoProbe system.

Had the same here, a couple of minutes ago. Now it seems to have gone 
back to normal again!
Fungus (aka Urgje)
[urgje at dds dot nl]
4/3/2003 9:24:00 PM
[abcministoragellc] wrote ...

> or
> is someone else's IP address, not my IP address
> (12.98.80.XXX a Dynamic IP address range)
> when I test my ports with the NanoProbe system.

My TESTING VERSION was moved to the server by 
mistake.  :(   I was juggling too many things at once, and talking
to Mark Thompson on the phone at the same time ... and I pushed the 
wrong button.

All's fixed and well now.

At least I sure know that all of you are on the ball!!!  :)

Steve Gibson, at work on: new stuff at <>
4/3/2003 9:28:00 PM

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