Battle Creek backs down on ORBZ charges?

Read carefully. It sounds like they are trying to backdate their
decision to backdown on prosecution. Also, it hasn't been
confirmed yet.

Firestorm over spam in Battle Creek

BATTLE CREEK (NEWS 3) - The city of Battle Creek made
international news this week over a fight involving junk email.
Email sent by anti-spam activist Ian Gulliver to the city's server
last month caused the server to slow down for an entire day.
Gulliver says he was just trying to point out a weakness
in the city's server that could allow someone to use it to send
spam email. But the city didn't learn about that bit of information
until this week. The police department issued a search warrant
for Gulliver's ORBZ web site. In response, Gulliver shut down
ORBZ, saying the threat of jail time was too much. This week,
the city and Gulliver reached and understanding. There will be
no criminal charges. News about the controversy spread quickly
over the Internet. and Britain's The Register newspaper
featured stories on the issue."
3/22/2002 12:01:00 AM
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