Windows Script 5.7 for Windows XP
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 From the release notes:

Why Version 5.7?
The primary reason for changing the version number from 5.6 to 5.7 is to 
simplify servicing and support by synchronizing the versioning to a 
consistent scheme based on Vista build number. The minor version 
increase does not indicate significant new features. The scripting 
feature set is substantially the same as 5.6, with only minor additions.

What�s New
In addition to the general improvements noted above, the following are 
some of the notable changes in this release.
*	This package includes the improved garbage collector (GC) shipped with 
Internet Explorer 7 and Vista. The new GC can dramatically improve the 
performance of applications that create large numbers of objects, such 
as Ajax-style web applications. These performance improvements are now 
available to users of earlier browsers.
This work replaces and improves upon KB919237. If you have implemented 
KB919237, we recommend removing the registry keys.
*	New progid JScript.Compact implements the JScript Compact Profile 
(ECMA 327). This is a profile of the ECMAScript language standard with a 
subset of features. See the ECMA 327 standard for more information.
*	Update for new Daylight Savings Time rules.
*	VBScript defines a new global function GetUILanguage that returns the 
current default user interface language. This is the same value returned 
by the Windows API GetUserDefaultUILanguage. Script authors can now 
write code that is aware of the current user�s language preference.
*	Fix crash when calling VBScript class objects from JScript.
*	Fix problems with comparisons to NaN in some versions (KB901104).
VBScript and JScript
*	Support for large address space on machines with > 2GB RAM (KB890048)
*	Improved stack checking makes script more robust in the face of stack 
*	Fix miscellaneous TLS leaks and memory leaks, including using the 
RegEx object with more than 10 sub-matches.
Windows Scripting Host
*	Fixed rare deadlocks in remote scripting. Prevents occasional hangs in 
remote scripts.
*	Fixed propagation of error return codes in remote scripting. Error 
codes produced by remote scripts are more reliably returned to the client.
*	Fixed attempting to load nonexistent wshenu.dll which created 
performance problem in login scripts.
Included KB�s
This release also contains fixes described in the following 
knowledgebase articles.
KB919237 (superceded by new GC)
9/16/2007 1:45:54 AM

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