Parse xml with namespace

I have this xml file, and I want to parse it and get value for each node, but I always get a nil value. Need help on this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Response instanceIdentifier="20050124" dateTime="200501241816" xmlns:cux="blablabla xmlns:cac="blibliblibli" xmlns:cbc="blebleble" xmlns="blobloblo">

procedure Tform1.Process();
       ResponseNode,ANode : IXMLNode;
       msg_version :string;

  XMLDoc.Version := '1.0';
  XMLDoc.Encoding := 'UTF-8';

  ResponseNode := XMLDoc.DocumentElement;

  msg_version :=  ResponseNode.ChildNodes.Nodes['cbc:MessageVersion'].Text;  //<==== return me nil value
  ANode := ResponseNode.ChildNodes.FindNode('OutboundMessage');
  ANode := ANode.ChildNodes.FindNode('Rate','cux'); //<== i get access violation error


Can help me on this ?
Is there any sample on internet on how to process xml with namespace using delphi's XMLDocument ?
4/21/2015 1:58:51 AM
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Fuandi wrote:

> I have this xml file, and I want to parse it and get value for
> each node, but I always get a nil value. Need help on this

The nodes you are looking for have different namespaces than the nodes you 
are searching, so you need to use FindNode() specifying each child's particular 
namespace, and you need to specify the actual value of the namespace, not 
the prefix used in the child node names:

procedure TForm1.Process;
  ResponseNode, ANode : IXMLNode;
  msg_version :string;
  ResponseNode := XMLDoc.DocumentElement;
  ANode := ResponseNode.ChildNodes.FindNode('MessageVersion', 'blebleble');
  if ANode <> nil then msg_version := ANode.Text;
  ANode := ResponseNode.ChildNodes.FindNode('OutboundMessage'); // OutboundMessage 
is in the same namespace as Response
  if ANode <> nil then
    ANode := ANode.ChildNodes.FindNode('Rate', 'blablabla');

Remy Lebeau (TeamB)
4/21/2015 5:07:33 PM

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