How to forcibly disconnect a client from TCP Server

Hello everyone,

I have the following code that forcibly disconnects a client from a TCP Server based on the client's IP address. The connected clients are displayed in a listview. The code works fine but I find it rather inelegant because I had to assign 2 different values to LClientContext for it to work. First I set LClientContext: TClientContext then I set LClientContext := TClientContext(AContext) so that I could access the MyData class which is a pointer to AContext.Data.

procedure TfrmServeur.acBreakSingleConnectionExecute(AContext: TIdContext);
  // loop variable
  Index: Integer;
  // client list, holds TClientContext objects
  LClients: TList;
  // temporary client context reference
  LClientContext: TClientContext;
  // pointer to AContext.Data
  MyData: TMyData;
  // Hard cast AContext to TClientContext
  LClientContext := TClientContext(AContext);
  MyData := TMyData.Create;
  LClientContext.Data := MyData;
  LClients := TCPServer.Contexts.LockList;
    // search for the target client by ID
    for Index := 0 to LClients.Count -1 do begin
      LClientContext := TClientContext(LClients[Index]);
      if TMyData(LClientContext.Data).IP = Trim(lvuClients.Selected.Caption) then
        // IP has been found in the listview so disconnect the client
        if LClientContext.Connection.Connected then
          // Disconnect the selected client
          // Just remove the item in the listview since it is no longer connected
         // break loop, we've found our target client
    end; // for Index := 0 to LClients.Count -1 do begin
    // unlock client list
  end; // tryf

 It works but I find it a bit odd. Is there a better way to do this? Thanks for your assistance.

Jay Dee
4/30/2015 8:28:07 AM
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Hello everyone, I have the following code that forcibly disconnects a client from a TCP Server based on the client's IP address. The connected clients are displayed in a listview. The code works fine but I find it rather inelegant because I had to assign 2 different values to LClientContext for it to work. First I set LClientContext := TClientContext(AContext) then I set LClientContext := TClientContext(LClients[Index]) so that I could access the MyData class which is a pointer to AContext.Data and use the for...loop ind ex variable to locate the IP I want to forcibly disconnect. {c...

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