How to set font size and font style for a THotkey control?

Now I add a Thotkey control on a form.Yes.It is a very useful control to handle hotkey.
But how I can set a bigger font and bold style for it.

Jack Xiao
12/21/2009 2:26:48 AM
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> {quote:title=bing xiao wrote:}{quote}
> Now I add a Thotkey control on a form.Yes.It is a very useful control to handle hotkey.
> But how I can set a bigger font and bold style for it.

The THotkey is simply a wrapper around the Windows HOTKEY control. It gets it's font size and style from the user's display settings, using one of the system values (see ComCtrls.pas, procedure TCustomHotKey.AdjustHeight for an indication). IOW, you shouldn't try to change it, as it's a system-wide setting that the user has configured.
12/21/2009 4:41:37 PM
bing xiao wrote :
> Now I add a Thotkey control on a form.Yes.It is a very useful control to handle 
> hotkey. But how I can set a bigger font and bold style for it.

THotKey does not publish the protected 'font' property it inherits from 
'TControl' but you can access it utilizing a kind of a hack. Find a more thorough 
explanation here:

  TAccessHotkey = class(THotKey);

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  TAccessHotkey(HotKey1).Font.Size := 20;
  TAccessHotkey(HotKey1).Font.Style := [fsBold];
  if HotKey1.AutoSize then begin
    HotKey1.AutoSize := False;
    HotKey1.AutoSize := True;

12/22/2009 10:24:43 PM
Sertac Akyuz wrote :

> THotKey does not publish the protected 'font' property it inherits from 
> 'TControl' [...]

Coming to think of it, since the control also inherits the 'ParentFont' property 
which is True by default, an alternative would be to modify the parenting 
control's font. İ.e. the form which the HotKey is on.
12/23/2009 12:43:07 AM

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