I have written a soap server and client application for vehicle tracking and 
I have found that it is rather slow to transmit large data tables from the 
server to the client. My boss has written a TCP server that passes all data 
in single strings to a smaller client and it is about 8 times faster than 
SOAP. The disadvantage of the TCP webserver is that the data must be parsed 
after it is received by the client. Is there a way to improve the 
performance of the SOAP server by perhaps restructuring the data? I have 
read that SOAP uses a lot of tags in XML for trasmitting data.

We are also using the soap server on IIS. Would it help to use Apache?

2/10/2012 3:00:05 PM
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I am trying to run a webservice client on Windows XP that accesses a server on windows server 2003. I get the following error: "Receieved content of invalid Content-Type setting: text/html - SOAP expects text/xml" when I call a function on the server. I don't get this error if both the server and client are running under windows xp. I have compiled both the client and server on windows XP with Delphi 7. What could be the cause of the error? Pier Pier Nardin wrote: > I am trying to run a webservice client on Windows XP that accesses a > server on windows s...

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I am Starting a new project. Where I need to extract and display in vcl controls data from a website. I am not the web programmer. He is planing to use SOAP to publish this data. I am new to web service and need an example (SIMPLE) of how to handle a client. Thanks in Advance Donald S. Bossen - First, you start a new project - Go to Menu -> Component -> Import WSDL... - in the wizard that appears, you must enter the http (or https) address of the SOAP server you want to use, then just press next...and keep all the default settings as they are. After the wizard is completed, you wil...

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