REST/JSON, XE8, Error 87 Basic auth with long usernames

I am attempting to write a REST/JSON client for a specific API, however I 
am running into an unusual issue.

This API requires I create an API-Key (much like Whirlpool's API key) to 
access the REST API.

This API key is to be used as the username (no password) using Basic 

When the  THTTPBasicAuthenticator attempts to add the header for usernames 
longer than 56 to the request using the WinHTTP function 
"WinHttpAddRequestHeaders" I get an Error 87 "The parameter is incorrect".

Given the header is of the form: Basic base64(<username>:<password>) – it 
seems that at some point the header is too long.

I've checked, there doesn't seem to be any inherent length limits on 
headers, and I can for the life of me work out why Windows isn't letting me 
do it.

Any help would be appreciated.

5/21/2015 1:50:39 AM
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