Delphi error with WSDL field names


I have an ugly situation where my client is constructing the message to
post to the service poorly.  when I intercept the message prior to
posting the tage is cased incorrectly.  I have created the following
work around, but this seems to be a very heavy handed and brittle

In the WSDL all instances of the definition of the input tag are all
lowercase, however when delphi generates the submission the I is
capitalized.  I presume I have missed something very elementary but
cant for the life of me figure it out.  Thanks in advance for any


MethodName : string; SOAPRequest : TStream);
  temp, temp2 : TStringStream;
  temp := TStringStream.Create('');
    temp.CopyFrom(SOAPRequest, 0);
    s1:= temp.DataString;
    StrReplace(s1, '<Input>', '<input>', [rfReplaceAll]);
    StrReplace(s1, '</Input>', '</input>', [rfReplaceAll]);
    temp.position := 0;
    SOAPRequest.POsition := 0;
    LogEntry(8, MethodName + ' -- SOAPRequest',
'TAlarmComSoap.HTTPRIO1BeforeExecute', '');
    LogEntry(9, temp.DataString, 'TAlarmComSoap.HTTPRIO1BeforeExecute',

11/5/2010 1:38:21 PM
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Hello Allen,

The package Delphi SOAP generates should be configurable in the binding 
itself. There have been problems with namespaces and that's harder to remedy 
(although XE has made that more configurable). But for the issue of casing, 
you should be able to update the bindings directly if what you're changing 
are element or attribute names.

Can you give a little more context? For example, do the elements map to 
properties or parameters? If yes, you can change the case of the property or 
parameter itself.


11/8/2010 5:22:23 PM
The problem seems to be for both properties and parameters where DELPHI
is converting the first letter of the property and parameter to upper
case when the WSDL has it as lower case??

Id there a way to force compliance with the WSDL's case when importing
the WSDL?

11/9/2010 5:22:50 PM

XML element and attribute names are case-sensitive: so the WSDL importer 
should stick to what it found. If you can point me to the WSDL/Schema, I'll 


11/9/2010 9:26:07 PM

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