Creating a REST web service without using DataSnap


I'm currently in the process of migrating the embedded database (ElevateDB) contained within a large, mature application to an SQL server running in the cloud. The idea is that we use the existing front end of the application as far as possible and connect it to the database using REST.

My requirements for the REST server are:

- it should allow one to issue REST requests in a format such as (so the parameters contain the actual SQL commands we currently use to manipulate the database)
- it needs to be platform-independent (I don't yet know if we will be hosting on Windows or Linux)
- if it isn't written in Delphi it needs to use a framework which involves minimum coding skills outside of Delphi/SQL

I've already tried NetBeans IDE which has a semi-automated process for creating the server from the database schema but the endpoints aren't suitable. I've also looked at the proposed MySQL REST extension but this doesn't seem to be available yet.

Any other ideas?

Jon Martin
4/15/2015 4:30:14 PM
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Just use PHP. You might also try SmartMobileStudio which will make you a node.js app. But really just use PHP. Or if you end up on Windows just do a straight Delphi ISAPI.
4/16/2015 4:41:58 AM

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