Can D2009 talk to DotNet 3 WCF Webservice ?

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9/2/2008 11:36:53 AM
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Hi Roland,

In I see a Delphi 2007 for Win32 
client (at the second part) which talks to a WCF web service engine 
(written in RAD Studio - Delphi for .NET), so I would expect Delphi 2009 
to be able to produce a working Win32 client, too...

           Bob Swart

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9/2/2008 12:16:54 PM

I would add one minor item to Bob's reply: Delphi will work best if the 
Service is configured for SOAP 1.1. I believe that's the default for the 


9/9/2008 2:01:10 AM

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