Access Violation at Soap.SOAPHTTPClient:272


is this intended?

The code in question looks like this:
function THTTPRIO.GetHTTPWebNode: THTTPReqResp;
  if not Assigned(FHTTPWebNode) then
    FHTTPWebNode := GetDefaultWebNode;
    FWebNode := FHTTPWebNode as IWebNode;
  Result := FHTTPWebNode;

And the access violation is thrown at Assigned(FHTTPWebNode) which seems weird as its actually supposed to return False in that case, but since you're here you probably know that much already...

Any suggestions on how to set timeouts for soap webservices?
Because of the bug mentioned above
THTTPRIO(lt_SoapHandler).HTTPWebNode.ConnectTimeout := prii_Timeout;
THTTPRIO(lt_SoapHandler).HTTPWebNode.SendTimeout := prii_Timeout;
THTTPRIO(lt_SoapHandler).HTTPWebNode.ReceiveTimeout := prii_Timeout;
doesn't seem to work and it looks like there are next to no resources on this topic. I should really start charging Embarcadero for the time I waste because of their lack of documentation... well, at least we can have no documentation cross platform now...
5/8/2015 12:19:28 PM
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Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but it extends my time outs for webservices at the win socket level

using wininet

  InternetSetOption(nil, INTERNET_OPTION_CONNECT_TIMEOUT, Pointer(@i), SizeOf(i));
  InternetSetOption(nil, INTERNET_OPTION_SEND_TIMEOUT, Pointer(@i), SizeOf(i));
  InternetSetOption(nil, INTERNET_OPTION_RECEIVE_TIMEOUT, Pointer(@i), SizeOf(i));.
5/14/2015 11:33:38 PM

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