How to make a procedure in Delphi? [Edit]

I want to know how to make a procedure in Delphi. I will be calling this procedure whenever value of EditBox, ComboBox and RadioButton(s) change.


procedure GetName();
    if TForm1.edbName.Text <> '' then

              if TForm1.TComboBox.Text <> '' then

                      if TForm1.rdbPersonal.Checked then
                               TForm1.edbName.Text := Name1 + 'Dummy'

                      else if TForm1.rdbCommercial.Checked then
                               TForm1.edbName.Text := Name2 + 'Dummy'

                      else if TForm1.rdbEdu.Checked then
                                TForm1.edbName.Text := Name3 + 'Dummy'

                      else if TForm1.rdbSite.Checked then
                                TForm1.edbName.Text := Name4 + 'Dummy'

                      else if TForm1.rdbInstitution.Checked then
                                TForm1.edbName.Text := Name5 + 'Dummy'



The above code gives error and doesn't compile. Name1 to 5 are strings.

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> {quote:title=Jayanth D wrote:}{quote}
> I want to know how to make a procedure in Delphi. I will be calling this procedure whenever value of EditBox, ComboBox and RadioButton(s) change.
> {code}
> procedure GetName();
> begin
>     if TForm1.edbName.Text <> '' then
>               if TForm1.TComboBox.Text <> '' then
>                       if TForm1.rdbPersonal.Checked then
>                                TForm1.edbName.Text := Name1 + 'Dummy'
>                       else if TForm1.rdbCommercial.Checked then
> {code}
> The above code gives error and doesn't compile. Name1 to 5 are strings.

In general it would help if you told us what part doesn't compile and what is the error message - but its going to you reference to a class TForm1.TComboBox.Text  - should be TForm1.MyComboxInstance.Text

Also it would be more sensible if you procedure was part of the form
  TForm1 = class(TForm)
    edbName: TEdit;
    MyComboxInstance: TComboBox;
    rdbPersonal ...
    { Private declarations }
     procedure GetName;
    { Public declarations }

procedure TForm1.GetName;
   if  edbName.Text <> '' then
              if MyComboxInstance.Text <> '' then // <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<was wrong here
                      if rdbPersonal.Checked then
                               edbName.Text := Name1 + 'Dummy'

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