Indy 10, TIdWebDAV & ownCloud in Delphi 2010 [Edit]

Hi everybody! It's the first time I try to develop an application that uses an ownCloud repository.

As a first try, I put down a TIdWebDav component on a form, called connect method to server and then disconnect.
All right up to here.

In few words, what I have to do is:
- Connect and authenticate (basic authentication, username and password, even in clear)
- Get files/folders list (even subfolders of course)
- Download a file by full name
- Upload a file to specified position
- Disconnect

Unfortunately, I can't find any help on the web about TIdWebDAV's methods, or even about authentication procedure, that's why I'm asking here. Is there anyone that can post some Delphi examples or some links to useful WebDAV resources?

Am I on the right track trying to use TIdWebDAV, or is there a better third-party component to do that?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance to you all.

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