ANN: ReportBuilder 15.02 is now available

Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 15.02!

ReportBuilder 15.02 includes VCL support for Delphi XE5, XE4, XE3, XE2, 
XE, Delphi 2010, 2009, 2007, and Delphi 7.


New Feature List:


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Enhancements for RB 15.02

  - Enhanced to support IE 11

Bug Fixes for RB 15.02

   - Enhanced Save to support database server constraints (post exceptions)

  - When engine reset, need to call Page.Clear
  - In some cases last rec of Page x, repeats on at top of Page X+1
  - Page.Clear was not resetting some page properties.
  - Cols, fix divide by zero error
  - Cols, fix for balanced cols when DataPipeline reCount used

  - BarCode, when AutoSize False, width not being re-calculated
  - BarCode, when AutoSize False, alignment not honored
  - 2DBarCode, fixed infinite loop when using UTF8 character encoding
  - 2DBarCode, fixed scaling issues with Autosize
  - 2DBarCode, fixed range check errors
  - Full justification, added logic to trim leading spaces & adjust 
leading tabs
  - Full justification, added logic to handling parsing quoted strings
  - Full justification, EOP visible when ForceJustify True
  - TeeChart, fixed destroy issue when using the latest version of 
TeeChart 2013
  - Graphics Renderers, registration can cause a memory leak
  - TppFileType, re-ordered types to support print to file setup dialog
  - RichText, RemoveEmptyLines altered the original RichText data

  - Printer, DefaulBin incorrect when Windows default printer changes
  - Printer, removed border margin logic from renderers
  - Printer, in some cases printer devmode paperlength/width not initialized
  - Printer, added ShowPropertiesDialog(aParentWnd) overload
  - PrintDialog, enhanced to support txt files with alternate extensions
  - Viewer, initial vertical page pos incorrect for non-continuous 
  - Viewer, improved horizontal page position during navigation
  - Viewer, vertical scrollbar would needlessly appear in PageWidth zoom
  - Viewer, inconsistent scroll location when minimize/restore preview 
  - Viewer, inconsistent scroll location when changing page display
  - PDF, RTL text mixed with LTR text was not displaying correctly in PDF
  - PDF, TeeCharts were not displaying correctly
  - RTF, increased image export quality for non-stretch or 
MaintainAspect images
  - PDF, memory leak when exporting transparent images.
  - PDF, older archives were causing an AV when tabs present
  - PDF, AV when exporting large Unicode RichTexts to PDF
  - PDF, enhanced font processing efficiency
  - PDF, Improved vertical accuracy of wrapped text
  - RTF, graphics appeared on top of text in some cases
  - RTF, improved shape rendering
  - Extended MAPI, Cancelled messages sometimes remain in outbox
  - XLSData, blank lines were being removed from wrapped text

------> Professional <----------

   - SQL, FormatParamValue method was not processing boolean values 
   - SQL, added code to format parameters in Criteria and Calc expressions
   - ReportExplorer, work around for dbExpress issue when report 

------> Enterprise <----------

  - CalcDialog, fix for Delphi 7, CalcDialog was in read-only mode

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