ANN: ReportBuilder 12.05 is now available!

Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 12.05!

ReportBuilder 12.05 includes VCL Win32 support for Delphi XE, 2010, 
2009, 2007, 2006, 2005, Delphi 7, and Delphi 6.

Notification emails have been sent to all registered users of 
ReportBuilder 12.x.  If you did not receive notification of this release 
please send message to with your serial 
number and purchasing email address for upgrade instructions.

Overview & screenshots:

New Feature List:


Upgrade Now!

Enhancements for RB 12.05

  - ReportBuilder for Delphi XE requires Delphi XE Update 1.

Bug Fixes for RB 12.05

  - DataTree. When DataTree is cleared, ListView.Caption is not cleared.
  - ReportTree. Fix Delphi XE error when report tree tool window not 
  - Toolbars. AV can occur when closing app that contains the TppDesigner.
  - Designer. Switching to/from Preview page super fast can cause error.
  - Designer. Use component DefaultPropHint rather than DefaultHint

  - Anchors. Right/Bottom anchors not working when page size changed.
  - AutoSearch. LookupList, duplicates not being omitted when sorted.
  - AutoSearch. Fix for AutoSearch on Guid field type.
  - AutoSearch. Added support for LargeInt datatype
  - AutoSearch. International fix for multi-value case
  - Checkbox. Fix to work with international locales (D2009 and later).
  - Crosstab. Crosstabs w/2 col + 1 row dimension did not total correctly.
  - SystemVariable. Update for XLS export when OnGetText implemented
  - SystemVariable. Option for vtCopyNo was not honoring the displayformat.
  - DBCalc. Enhanced to support calcs on string values
  - CustomText. Enhanced default custom text save order to be Left, Top
  - Memo. Enhanced default save order to be Left, Top
  - PageStyle. Fix for case in which PageSetting is set to PageRange.
  - DetailBaned. Background, sometimes extra drawcommand added for last 
  - Preview. Improved exception handling when modal preview form shown.
  - TeeChart. DBChart editor was loading twice when double-clicked.

  - PDF. Increased text width accuracy to improve right/center text 
  - PDF. The $FEFF character was causing some fonts to return invalid in 
  - PDF. Separately remove the #10 and #13 characters when verifying fonts.
  - PDF. Removed VerifyUnicodeFont exception
  - PDF. Added Underline text support for TRichView metafiles.
  - PDF. Fixed TeeChart text misplacement bug.
  - PDF. Optimized to not export empty text elements.
  - RTF. Last letter of auto-sized text component was being cut off in 
some cases.
  - RTF. Sometimes bold text in a RichText control was being cut off.
  - XLS. When MergeAdjacentCells is false, do not adjust column index
  - XLS. Enhanced to convert complex cases of display formats that 
contain quotes
  - Email. Clear report list on dialog close

-----> Professional <----------

  - DataSetings. Default DatabaseType needs to be initialized to dtOther

-----> Server <------------------

  - AutoSearch. Fix to support multi-value list items that contain a comma

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