ANN: DataSnap-like Client-Server JSON RESTful Services in Delphi 7-2010 [Edit]

How to implement a very useful service... say... adding two numbers?

In our framework, you code Server-Side:
function TSQLRestServerTest.Sum(aRecord: TSQLRecord; aParameters: PUTF8Char;
  const aSentData: RawUTF8; var aResp, aHead: RawUTF8): Integer;
var a,b: Extended;
  if not UrlDecodeNeedParameters(aParameters,'A,B') then
    result := 404; // invalid Request
  while aParameters<>nil do
  aResp := JSONEncodeResult([a+b]);
  // same as : aResp := JSONEncode(['result',a+b],TempMemoryStream);
  result := 200; // success
Then the client:
function Sum(aClient: TSQLRestClientURI; a, b: double): double;
var err: integer;

And... that's all. No other class, no expert nor component to enable/import/disable, and it works from Delphi 7 to Delphi 2010.

Note that this Client-Server protocol uses JSON here (so it's AJAX ready), but you can serve any kind of data, binary, HTML, whatever... 
The usual protocols of our framework can be used: HTTP/1.1, Named Pipe, Windows GDI messages, direct in-memory/in-process access.

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