ANN: Context Database Designer & Extensions v.3.27 with XE2 support is now available!

Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce the new release of Context Database Designer & 
Extensions Suite v.3.27 with support of Delphi XE2.

This version introduces several improvements and bug fixes:
#841. Added support fro Delphi XE2
#842. Added pragma support to SQL Lexer.
#843. Fixed bug with creating a NoCase index in DBISAM 4.
#844. Fixed bug with generating foreign keys to "external" tables.
#845. Fixed import of INTEGER fields in Oracle profile.
#846. Added ASSERT pragma to SQL scripts. Usage: -- ## ASSERT: <select 
command>. This pragma will raise error if select statement is invalid or 
returns empty or zero value.
#847. Added ability to turn on/off line number in SQL editor.
#848. Added popup menu item command in SQL editor to insert script header.
#849. Added option to change font size in the script editors.
#850. Added word wrap of the text in the execution log.

Context Database Designer provides full cycle of database schema design 
and maintenance, including:
  - creating of tables, relations views and stored procedures;
  - drawing of sophisticated and professional looking diagrams;
  - maintaining the history of changes made to the database schema;
  - comparing any two versions of any two schemas or physical databases;
  - connecting to physical databases via a variety of customizable adapters;
  - reverse engineering physical databases as well as SQL DDL scripts;
  - viewing the difference and instantly build upgrade SQL script for 
any given database engine;
  - produce professional looking documentation including clickable 
diagram in HTML help format;
and much more...

Context Database Designer currently supports:
  - MS SQL;
  - MS Access;
  - My SQL;
  - Firebird;
  - Interbase;
  - Oracle;
  - Mimer;
  - Sybase;
  - DB2;
  - Elevate DB;
  - Nexus;
  - Absolute Database;
  - SQLite;
  - PostgreSQL;
  - Paradox;

The product is immediately available for download at:


Order your copy of Context Database Designer now at:


Michael Baytalsky
Context Software LLC.
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