Seeking example showing how to set database connection and parameters using D2007 & Crystal 11


I am using D2007,  Crystal 11 and MS-SQL2005
I managed to import the Crystal type library into D2007 by creating a BPL 
and importing the library into the BPL.
I've tried two ways to create a report view: oApp and iApp
They both work as long as I do not need to change the database or parameters 
[which makes my solutions useless:)]
I would appreciate an example showing how to set the runtime database 
connection and runtime parameters.

Thanks you,

Robert Baker

procedure TTestCR11.cxButton2Click(Sender: TObject);
var MyPath:string;
  if Form2 = nil then
    Form2 := TForm.Create(self);
  Form2.Height := Height * 3;
  Form2.Width := Width * 3;
  CrystalActiveXReportViewer1 := TCrystalActiveXReportViewer.Create(Form2);
  oApp :=CreateOleObject('CrystalRuntime.Application');
  MyPath := 'C:\Crystal\' + cxListBox2.Items[cxListBox2.ItemIndex];
  CrystalActiveXReportViewer1.Parent := Form2;
  CrystalActiveXReportViewer1.Align := alClient;
  CrystalActiveXReportViewer1.ReportSource := oRpt;
    iApp : CRAXDRT_TLB.TApplication;
    iRep : CRAXDRT_TLB.IReport;
  iApp  := CRAXDRT_TLB.TApplication.Create(Self);
  iRep  := iApp.OpenReport('C:\mycrystal.rpt', CrOpenReportByTempCopy);
  iRep.Database.LogOnServer('crbd_ado.dll', 'mysqlserver', 'mydatabase', 
'myuserid', 'mypassword');
  iRep.EnableParameterPrompting := False;
11/7/2008 2:56:04 AM
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> I would appreciate an example showing how to set the runtime database
> connection and runtime parameters.

Combined of earlier messages (please note I'm using RDC created at runtime 
opposed to importing the type library).

For login information I don't have the example at hand. Take a look at the
Crystal TechRef.PDF document.

If you are using stored procedure please check out:

For subreports this pseudocode could help you:

Pseudo code for doing this using the RDC Com object:


crSections = crReport.Sections
For i = 1 to crSections.Count
     crSection = crSections.Item[i]
     crReportObjects = crSection.ReportObjects
     For k := 1 to crReportObjects.Count do
     If (crReportObjects.Item[k].Kind = 5) Then
         crSubReportObj = crReportObjects.Item[k]
         crSubReport = crSubReportObj.OpenSubreport

11/29/2008 8:17:22 PM

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