printing to a matrix printer with quickreport

Hello, I have to print some documents in a epson lx800 matrix printer. Is there 
a way do it with QuickReport? Thanks!
5/8/2009 6:33:05 PM
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Dear Sergio Gonzalez!

For native dot-matrix reports - FastReport only.

"sergio gonzalez" <> wrote:
> Hello, I have to print some documents in a epson lx800 matrix printer. Is 
> there a way do it with QuickReport? Thanks!
> -sergio

Best regards,
 Michael Philippenko
 Fast Reports - reporting must be Fast!
5/12/2009 2:12:55 PM

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Hi, PB 7.0.3 build 10009 Oracle 8i WinXP & Win98 clients i have a report containing 6 subreports that draw perfectely onto one page. The report consists merely of text and horizontal lines, no fancy pictures or whatever. The report is a delivery note, it needs to be printed on an EPSON matrix printer because we need 3 carbon copies for future reference and tracibility. The printing takes enormously long on the EPSON, and is completey normal on any laserprinter available. I guess this is because the dw.Print() "paints" the report's content on the page inst...

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Hi, I am using PB 7.0 and desire to print my dw to a matrix dot printer but do not desire the printer to print this dw in graphics mode. At the same time, I do want to print the same dw to a laser printer, of course in graphics mode. Is there any way of doing this? Thanks Segun Kehinde. Not really. You might try the PrintText, etc. functions when connected to the dot matrix printer. It's a lot of work though. On Mon, 9 Oct 2000 09:34:01 +0200, in powersoft.public.powerbuilder.datawindow Segun Kehinde <> wrote: >Hi, >I am using...

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We are finishing a project, and we always tested the report printout through a laser printer, and everything was fine. But now we are testing the system to deploy, and we need to use continuos forms in matrix printers, and it�s not that fine!!. It�s been almost impossible to arrange the report to fit the pages. When you short it, it get too short, but when you enlarge it a little bit, it passes to the other page.... It seems when the printer is using a generic driver, then it looses the footer, sending it to next page. But if we use the specific driver to the Epson LQ-1050, it just pr...

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Hi, I have to do this for the first time in Windows. In DOS (clipper) was prety simple... I've been googling and found this two options: var F : TextFile; begin AssignFile(F,'LPT1');// LPT2,COM1,COM2... Rewrite(F); Writeln(F,'Hello'); Writeln(F,'There!'); Writeln(F,#12); CloseFile(F); end; or uses Printers; procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin Printer.BeginDoc; Printer.Canvas.Font.Handle := GetStockObject(DEVICE_DEFAULT_FONT); Printer.Canvas.TextOut(100, 50, 'Text string1'); Printe...

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Hi Again, I have a 'Print' button on an ASP page which redirect to an ASP.Net page after the user click on that button. How would I go about printing the report directly to a printer when I am in that ('printme.aspx') page? I grabbed the following code that I found at and it doesn't work unless I put a button on that page and the button is clicked. I tried to put the code in the page_load() on the printme.aspx.vb, I got no error and NO print-out. I have the following code in page_load() Dim crReportDocument As ReportDocument crRepor...

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