How to export QuickReport To PDF

D2007 with QR Standard

Any free or non-free pdf export components that allows straight export to 
PDF format?
I want a straight export to PDF without previewing the report.
5/6/2010 6:53:11 AM
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Just design your report and then create it with the "prepair" function.

quickrep1.qrprinter := nil;

To call a filter explicitly you would use syntax like:

aFilt : TQRXLSFilter;

aFilt := TQRXLSFilter.Create('c:\report.xls')

Other filters:
HTML: TQRGHTMLDocumentFilter
ASCII: TQRAsciiExportFilter
CSV: TQRCommaSeparatedFilter
RTF: TQRRTFExportFilter
WMF: TQRWMFExportFilter
PDF: TQRPDFDocumentFilter

or like :

var aExportFilter : TQRExportFilter;
     aFilterIndex : Integer;

aFilterIndex:=2; {you can test what index is which filertype..}
aExportFilter := TQRExportFilterLibraryEntry(
        QRExportFilterLibrary.Filters[aFilterIndex - 1]).ExportFilterClass.Create(aFileName);
5/6/2010 7:46:23 AM

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